May is Blissful


It’s May, It’s May, the Luscious Month of May. That Darling Month When Everyone Goes Blissfully to B.R. Cohn for Some Beautiful Summer Wines!

Ok, so I changed the lyrics a little. But it IS May and time to stock up on your favorite wines for the warm weather! Our 2013 Rosé is tasting fantastic, and has a lot of flavor. It’s perfect with cheeses or smoked salmon as an appetizer wine, or as a main meal wine with light white fish or quiche. It’s also a great wine to make cocktails with!

Out in the Vineyards
It always seems to happen almost overnight that bud break leads to green, full, leafy vines. Currently our wine making team is busy maintaining our quickly budding vines throughout Olive Hill Estate and beyond. Aside from our estate vineyards we make wine from carefully selected vineyards all across Wine Country. So right now Tom Montgomery and our impeccable wine making team and their discerning eyes are walking through appellations including but not limited to: Russian River, Howell Mountain, and Mendocino County. This is the time of year to gauge which specific blocks from these areas we will want to use to craft our 2014 vintage wines. It’s an exciting process!

Coming up NEXT MONTH is our first annual Summer Music Series! This series celebrates an eclectic mix of styles from local bay area bands and will take place in the beautiful, B.R. Cohn Olive Grove. Live music is an intrinsic part of our history here at B.R. Cohn and we’re so excited to continue this tradition with this new Summer Music Series. Celebrating unique, local talent, and presented in the intimate setting of the B.R. Cohn Olive Grove, the Summer Music Series is the perfect complement to the Fall Charity Music Festival, now entering its twenty-eighth year. We hope you join us for this new series and help us usher in an exciting, revitalized live music scene at B.R. Cohn.

13Riesling-bigVarietal of the Month: Riesling
This month we’ll be releasing our 2013 Riesling so here’s the low down on this wonderfully vibrant varietal.

Riesling is a highly acidic grape, hailing from Germany. It’s unique in that it is routinely used to make sweet, semi-sweet, dry and sparkling wines. Usually a grape is ideally suited for one or the other, with maybe some experimentation here and there, but Riesling is frequently used for all four.

Thriving in cooler climates, this varietal is well known for being extremely terroir specific, meaning it always exhibits distinct characteristics based on where it’s grown. Classic German Rieslings are typically very crisp and showcase notes of green apple, grapefruit, and fresh cut grass. The high acid content in Riesling grapes lends itself to a wine that ages extremely well. This is atypical of white wines which usually do not have the resilience to hold up after a few years. Riesling is drinkable long after its vintage date, and in fact many contend it improves over time much like reds.

New World Rieslings tend to be on the sweeter end, but are still age-able and delicious as an after dinner wine, paired with cheese or a tart dessert such as lemon bars.

Because of its high acid content, Riesling is an excellent food wine, but requires a little more finesse when deciding what to pair it with because of its unique aromas and taste. It would be delicious with spicy Asian cuisine or a light poultry dish such as chicken with a citrus based sauce. An early fall dish like pork with a light apple sauce would also be an excellent pairing.

Do you have a favorite pairing with Riesling? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter! We love hearing your ideas and recipes. Happy spring!

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