Session #7 – Olive Hill Estate Fall Hike & Picnic Luncheon

olive hill hike

Many of the best entertaining moments feature the beauty of the Seasons and here at B.R. Cohn the months of September and October are absolutely breathtaking as we near the celebration of Harvest. In this Easy & Effortless Series we chose to share with you a recent Wine Club Fall Estate Hike & Picnic so you too could experience the gorgeous colors of vineyards filled with grapes plumping and foliage beginning to showcase the warm hues of autumn. Our wine club members truly appreciated the picturesque beauty of Olive Hill as they hiked through our ever changing vineyard blocks with Anne, David and I leading the way.

It may have been a bit cool when we started out on our trek, but within an hour the sun was breaking through and we began shedding our jackets and sweatshirts and opted for sunscreen and sunglasses.

Olive Hill Estate is comprised of 90-acres with 11 distinctive vineyard blocks where the soils are warmed by underground hot springs and gentle ocean breezes thus creating a unique microclimate. These factors result in ideal growing conditions for our ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon and it was in several of these special blocks that we spent much of our time trekking while conversing about soils, rootstock, clones, grafting, trellising, vine spacing, terrior, Brix readings, and of course photography.

David explains in detail the differences between growing Cabernet Sauvignon in the Hot Springs Block compared to the older North Hill Block.

Rebecca talks to her group about the French and American oak barrels used at B.R. Cohn before taking the group out to the Oak Knoll and Fox Hill blocks.

The blocks visited on the hike were North Hill where the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vines call home, the Hot Springs, Oak Knoll and Fox Hill blocks where the younger Cabernet vines flourish, and then into the blocks at South View and Creekside to showcase our Estate “small lot” Malbec and Cabernet Franc and Merlot. With our time limited, the outer more distant Organic blocks in Zin Alley, Barn Block, Porto and Trestle Glen were not visited on this trip but will certainly be shared on our future Seasonal Hikes in 2012.

Heading back to enjoy our lunch we took a few minutes in the Picholine Olive Grove where we reviewed the history of Olive Oil. We discussed just what a leading role Bruce Cohn played in the renaissance of California Olive Oil production in 1990, and how he passionately continues his focus on crafting not only outstanding wines but olive oils as well.

The beauty and serenity of Olive Hill Estate’s 140 year old Picholine Olive Grove

A grand finale of delicious sandwiches, salads, fruits and desserts all savored with the wines of B.R. Cohn was enjoyed by all!

Mary and Rick along with Carolyn and Dick relaxing after lunch!

Kristin and Cathy and friends talking wine and food and next year’s hikes and parties!

In closing, we (your wine club team) look forward to sharing many more adventures with our members. Our next scheduled event will be held on November 5th, with a release celebration of our first Primitivo, a Blind Tasting competition; an early salute to the holidays and a not to be missed first introduction to B.R. Cohn Wine Club’s first annual Soup-Bowl afternoon!

Rebecca, Darlene & Anne

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