Session #8 – Halloween Fun

Children love Halloween and so do we adults. For years we’ve taken our children or grandchildren trick or treating, and do our best to make sure there are plenty of treats in the house to dispense to those little (or big) neighborhood witches, goblins, pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons and bats that come calling. I am a “push over” for all the fun to be had on October 31st. My husband and I along with many friends gather each year for the traditional “Boo Party” where costumes are a must. The treats must be inventive and the beverages run the gamete. We start the day off around Noon with a Costume Boo Golf Tournament and follow that with a feast at our Spooky Mansion on the Hill. The costumes become more creative every year and our menu somehow grows weirder with a few obligatory items thrown in for good measure such as a hot caldron of soup, some greasy bones, wings and feathers, a snake roll or two and of course some pumpkins and tarantulas. Fear not as several of these creations will appear in your Holiday Wine Club Recipe Book which will be sent out to our Club Membership in early December, therefore I opted to forgo inclusion in this article.

Each year my talented friends keep coming up with some really frightening attire hoping to outwit and out-scare the competition in the Best Costume Contest. These characters from last year really blew us away and I’m here to tell you that “I Dream of Jeannie” (Sarah) grabbed her first place trophy and popped back into her Silver Lantern reminding us that beauty is much more than skin deep!

With Jeannie in first place, 2nd went to Friar Tuck (yikes) and then third had to go to Minnie Mouse. She received her award simply because she was brave enough to leave Mickey at home. (Linda and Josie really understand what Halloween means! Boo!)

Sonny and Cher won the “Sanity Award” because they scared the fewest attendees. Aren’t they adorable? Yes, it’s our very own Darlene and hubby, John…oh don’t you just love the good old days with “I’ve got you babe”.

Before closing, I simply have to include Lisa O’Connor’s (Bruce Cohn’s hardworking Executive Assistant) adorable daughter Ella with her chosen Halloween costume to help us focus on what Halloween is all about. Anne, Darlene and I would like to invite all our wine club members, friends and guests to join us here at the winery on Halloween for some friendly competition,treats and wine tastings. For years many of you have joined in our beloved Moose’s Halloween Gatherings (Moose passed away a few years ago) and this year we’ll have Bruno who is Moose’s cousin taking on the role of Halloween Ambassador at Large. Bruno is an 8 year old, gorgeous black Labrador Retriever and is quickly learning the ropes around B.R. Cohn Winery. Why not join us on the 31st for all the fun?  Don a costume, bring a camera and let us entertain you with our terrific wines, our extraordinary olive oils, food products and a little trick or treat!

Boo to All!
Rebecca, Darlene and Anne

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