Tom Montgomery has been leading the winemaking operations at B.R Cohn Winery since 2003. Tom joined Bruce Cohn in raising the bar of excellence in producing great wines here at the Olive Hill Estate. He brings over twenty years of experience and a history of rich, concentrated award-winning wines that follow in the tradition of those made by previous B.R. Cohn winemakers Helen Turley and Merry Edwards.

Tom credits his love of winemaking to his upbringing in a picturesque central California farming community in a home where good food and wine were a way of life. These formative years set the stage for an evolutionary path towards his winemaking career.

After earning a degree in enology from California State University, Fresno, he spent five years in the Napa Valley where he worked for the original Napa Cellars. He then moved to San Luis Obispo to spend four years in a dual role as vineyard manager and winemaker. Tom returned to Napa, first to Cosentino and then, in 1997, to Conn Creek for six vintages where he produced the trademark Bordeaux blend ‘Anthology’, gathering innumerable awards and much critical acclaim. He then continued his education for an MBA with an emphasis in marketing and management.

Tom joined B.R. Cohn Winery, intent on following our tradition of making consistent high quality Cabernet Sauvignon. “I’ve always admired the highly sought after Olive Hill Estate Cabernet that B.R. Cohn produces” Tom says. His dedication to quality, love of fine wine and our lifestyle, and ability to work with all aspects of the wine business has helped us to increase our wines popularity and growth.

“Our winemaking philosophy”, Tom says, “is to produce wine that is an expression of the land we farm and the vineyards we receive grapes from. We make wine to preserve and enhance the character of each grape variety and vineyard we harvest. And, that pleases our customers.”

In the vineyard, Tom works intimately with each block, farming by taste. With a focus on aroma and balanced flavors, Tom picks some blocks row by row, taking into consideration the differences in terrior. He requires thinning of both canopy and crop, when nature doesn’t, to achieve optimum berry development and concentration.

Tom loves the hands-on nature of his work and is committed to making the absolute best wines possible here at B.R. Cohn Winery. He and Bruce Cohn are often here to greet visitors at our picturesque county estate.

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