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2011 Late Harvest Semillon, Russian River Valley 375ml
2011 BR Cohn Late Harvest Semillon, Russian River Valley 375ml


2011 Late Harvest Semillon

Russian River Valley , Herrick Vineyard , 375ml

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Our Late Harvest Sémillon is produced exclusively from the Herrick Vineyard in the warmer northern part of the Russian River Valley. Here the growing season is long and warm enough to ripen the fruit to very high sugar, allowing us to make this sweet, luscious, Sauternes style dessert wine. Packed with rich honey, peach, and apricot aromas and flavors. Our Sémillon is aged in new tight-grain Burgundy barrels that lend spicy oak, hazelnut, and vanilla to its unique bouquet.

Released in a 375ml bottle

Wine Type: White
Bottle Size: 375ml
Vintage: 2011
Appellation: Russian River Valley
Vineyard/Special Designation: Herrick Vineyard
Varietal: Semillon
Varietal Specifics: Late Harvest Semillon
Alcohol content: 12.7
Case Production: 250
Release Type: Current

Wonderful with Asian dishes, grilled fish, prawns, and chicken. Enjoy as an aperitif with strong cheeses or as a dessert wine with fruit or creamed based desserts. Pairs well with entrée salads such as Asian Chicken, tuna celery, or pear and walnut.

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