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25 Year Balsamic Vinegar, 200ml
BR Cohn 25 Year Balsamic Vinegar, 200ml


25 Year Balsamic Vinegar, 200ml

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Following a millenium-old tradition, our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena begins with the juice of the Trebbiano grape simmered in copper pots and then aged for 25 years in small oak, cherry, mulberry, chestnut and juniper barrels.

  • Drizzle over fresh strawberries or ice cream for a delightful indulgence

  • Combine with B.R. Cohn Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a salad dressing

  • Sprinkle over steak, chops and chicken before cooking

  • Brush over toasted rustic breads

  • Serve over roasted butternut squash or grilled zucchini

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